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How You Can Profit With
Laser Sublimation

There are many ways to profit with laser sublimation. We suggest at least skimming through the entire list, because many of the benefits apply to more than one group.

Award Companies

  • "Warp Speed" - No matter what device you use for lettering, "keying" in time is about the same. Warp speed comes in the production. Key in 500 letters for 10 plaque plates, with names. With sublimation, the plates will be ready in about 20 minutes.

  • A quality look, that easily sells - Laser sublimation has come a long way from the old copier sublimation days. The quality of prints from our sublimation cartridges is comparable to good screen-printing. The graphic look is highly desirable.

    Vinyl Sign Companies

  • Profitably diversifying - Few things fit as smoothly into the profit structure, customer base and method of operation of vinyl sign shops as sublimation. It's not only a natural fit, but gives a prospect more reasons to come to you instead of a competitor.

  • Low cost set-up - For basically "chump-change" (the entire setup costs less than the average cutter) you can add a whole new dimension to your lettered products. No more turning profitable jobs down because they are too small to weed.

    Ad Specialty Companies

  • Better control for more sales - There are very few ad specialty companies that have not lost sales because they could not get something printed on time, or at a price that would give them a profit. Being able to do sublimation keeps at least one option open.

  • Equipment Versatility - Sublimation equipment is not single use equipment. It uses a regular printer, which can be used to print documents. The heat press can be used in emergencies, to apply stock heat transfers on wearables. We confess, the metal plate cutter is probably single use. However, it is so sturdy that you will be able to give it to your grandchildren.

    Screen Print Companies

  • Add-on Sales - While a customer might upgrade the quality of what they get, they will seldom change the quantity. Being able to offer other types of imprinted products, especially personalized, gives you something else to sell during the visit.

  • Competitive edge - More and more customers are demanding "one stop shopping." If you can produce a few dozen award plaques to go along with 6 dozen golf shirts for a tournament, you've provided another reason for the customer to not go to another shop.

    Printing Companies

  • Increased Traffic - A lot of print shops look at the increased traffic into their shop for sublimated products as an opportunity for getting new customers for their regular printing business, as well as the reverse. There is a lot of printing done for special events that need what sublimation can produce.

  • Totally Natural Fit - What print shops do, is layout things, to be printed on other things. Sublimation is the same type of layout, just printed a different way. You have the advantage of already being a printing expert in the customer's mind.

    Small Office/Home Office

  • Low operating costs - SOHO entrepreneurs love the fact that, unlike inkjet cartridges, sublimation cartridges will average 1000+ prints per cartridge. Also, inkjets have a tendency to give problems, if not regularly used. The Old Faithful laser printer will sit there for months, if necessary, and still be ready to go.

  • Profit Margin - While every type of company wants high profit margins, it is even more important for the SOHO business person. There are no automatic paychecks so their time is gold! Anything that can be quickly and cheaply produce, turns that time into platinum.

    Web Based Retailers

  • Sales Versatility - It is very easy to not only produce sublimated products but also to cheaply and quickly change the look. Changing the look of products (by changing what is printed on it) increases the chances prospects will visit more often, just to see what is new. That increases sales opportunities.

  • In-house Control - This is a real advantage to web retailers who normally just resell products that others make. Nearly all have lost orders because customers wanted products that couldn't be produced on time. Having an in-house ability gives them a shot at offering something.

    Part Time/Hobby

  • Mobile Retail - One husband/wife team sells "inspirational quotes" plaques, at weekend flea markets.

  • Hobby - The total setup is not that expensive, and the equipment will last for years. We have a lot of customers who find sublimation an interesting and not very expensive hobby. They make a lot of things for friends, neighbors, family, church, scouts, schools their children attend and many other groups.

This section has dealt with how you can profit with sublimation. The next section offers success stories from our customers who are profiting. It's worth a look.

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