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Metal Cutters, Notchers and Rounders

9380 Metal Plate Cutter

9380 Metal Plate Cutter

Stock metal sheeting comes in a standard 12" x 24" sheet in several different finishes and colors. Since the size is not "ready-to-go" you will need to cut them to size yourself.

The metal is fed to the blades from left to right and the guide ruler is at the top of the shear. This makes it much easier and faster to line up cutting marks you put on the metal, with the ruler marks on the shear.

*Note - The cutter comes with standard blades for cutting metal, however, you can request blades for plastic sheeting.

Ships by UPS Ground
Shipping Weight: 27lbs
Price: $459.00

9353 Rounder/Notcher

9353 Rounder/Notcher9353 Rounder/Notcher examples

The simple look of the Maxi-Press hides the fact that it is really a very sophisticated and finely crafted tool that performs all six functions shown in the illustrations.

The punched hole fits the small 1/8" or 3/32" screws, used to mount plates although most shops use hi-tack tape, if possible. The notcher feature is used to "dress-up" sign and plaque plates as well as magnetic note holders. The round corner feature can also dress-up a plate by knocking-off the sharp corner. It is essential if doing badges, because you must round of the corners to keep your customers from snagging their clothes.

Ships by UPS Ground
Shipping Weight: 18lbs
Price: $349.00

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